Spring 2024 Registration is now OPEN!!

Spring 2024 Registration is now open for EARLY BIRD registrations. Save money by registering before November 30th 2023. Afterwards fees go up $50.00.

But this year with your registration there are extra things you receive with your registration that in prior years parents and the league has paid for that is now covered. These items are as follows (all items estimated on the lower end and could be more but the league will cover. Includes tax:

  • Socks & belt - $16.00 estimated value
  • Player name on the back of all uniforms and Name and Uniform # on hat -
    • $15.00 combined estimated value for Tball to Minor B.
    • $20.00 estimated value for Minor A and Majors. 
  • Majors & Minor A Players - an extra jersey for games plus the practice dri fit practice jersey. All apparel with names on back of uniforms (in prior years the league paid for 1 jersey and one dri-fit, no names on back) - $30 estimated value  
  • **Majors 12-year-old players - Custom patch signifying their last year in Majors - $5.00 estimate value
  • FHLL Yearbook given at closing ceremonies - $20+ estimated value. Yearbook price more than doubled, nearly tripled from 2 years ago and the league has asked for expense assistance through registration to keep this desired tradition available to the league.

Total estimated value the league will pay for that would have been paid for after registration by parents or league (Yearbook - $20.00) now included in the Registration cost for the Upper Divisions. - $ 86.00*

*Doesn't include 12-year-old patches

In the Lower divisions it is a $51.00 value add but additional enhancements to the equipment and fields for these divisions will be performed in the coming year that the increase will help cover including the T-ball Field.

**FHLL has kept active the additional one-time $50.00 refund to your registration which was a hit last year that led to thousands refunded to families when you dedicate your time to league needs such as working 2 snackbar shifts, being a manager or primary coach, league umpire (2x your required games), cleaning up the fields and trash for a few days, being a team parent, etc. 

The FHLL Board has had the unfortunate task this year to take additional steps to evaluate its financials due to the ever-increasing inflation attacking our league which also has hit overall in Southern California, in particular San Diego county.  With the extremely difficult decision to raise registration, and the fact that most fundraising efforts and dollars raised for the league held during the season are funded by the very families who paid registration, the FHLL board felt it was necessary to include in the increase a real dollar benefit to our families and help ease the financial burden later after registration.

When talking expense, the league has experienced significant increases that have affected the decision to raise registration beyond the real dollar value received described previously. Real time inflation examples are as follows over one year:

  • Electricity bills for the Majors Field increased 27%.
  • Northmont electricity bills (Yes Northmont we have a bill too) increased 24%.
  • Waste Management/Sanitary expense at Northmont increased 51% due to more players and the request for hand washing station.
  • Field Maintenance expenses solely at Northmont (fixed/routine needs) due to FHLL having sole responsibility for maintenance on all fields were up 57%. This was due to new school district labor compliance requirements the league has to follow as well as our commitment to upkeep the fields for the players more regularly during season play and All-Star hosting.
  • Overall Field expense at both Majors and Northmont, which includes routine maintenance, repair costs, and other required expenses (does not include major projects or upgrades) to keep FHLL fields up to standards were up over 51%
  • Season playing and safety equipment costs were up over 30% (baseballs, umpire gear, game play supplies, catchers gear replacements, team supplies and gear, etc)

We would like to convey there is additional help out there for FHLL Families! Please keep in mind - On top of the T-Mobile discount available for families and the FHLL 1-time volunteer refund, FHLL also encourages all parents to take advantage of its unique league sponsorship incentive in which if a family refers or say their own business becomes a league level sponsor (not team sponsor) then their player registration, depending on the sponsor level, will receive a % refund of their registration paid up to 100%!! This allowed FHLL to refund thousands of dollars back to families last season and we will continue to offer this as the more league sponsors we can get, then decisions that affect lowering registration in the future can be a reality. Also all sponsors receive a 501c(3) write off benefit to their taxes!

Lastly and most important, if a family needs additional assistance after all the opportunities to receive refunds and the T-Mobile Grant (whether received of not), FHLL is still committed to ensure cost is not a deterring factor in a player playing baseball!! Over the past couple years the league has helped many families in many ways to ensure cost is not an issue. We will help so please contact our Player Agent, Treasurer, or President and we will make it happen!!!! We hope to not have this type of increase in the coming years again, and our major goal is to decrease it but it takes a strong community to help with this as we are battling an economic situation that is affecting the very families in our league as well and we get it!  Please reach out if you need help!


2023 Fall Ball Season is underway

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