What are the All-Stars?

The All-Star Season is a completely separate season from the regular spring season. All-Star teams are carefully chosen players that during the regular season have exhibited talent/skill, a positive attitude, coach-ability, good sportsmanship, commitment (excellent attendance at games/practices), team leadership, have been good teammates and who represent FHLL and the El Cajon/La Mesa community in a positive manner. Although the All-Star season only lasts about a few months, it is an incredibly fun experience and your child will improve tremendously during this time.
It is an opportunity for a significantly higher level of play and commitment within the regional Little League system. The tournaments start at the District level, where teams compete against other All-Star teams within District 41. The winning teams advance through to the International Tournament in hopes of advancing to Williamsport for the Little League World Series. In fact FHLL formerly known as Northern Little League won the Little League World Series in 1961. Is this the year Fletcher Hills Little League returns to Williamsport to bring home another championship title?
The method of selecting a Tournament Team is determined by the FHLL All-Star Selection Committee. This group includes board officials, team managers, and team coaches. For most divisions, Tournament teams include a maximum of fourteen players, one manager, and two coaches. The League All-Star Selection Committee and Team Managers will meet at the end of the regular season to identify All-Star candidates and select the League All-Star tournament team utilizing the following nomination and voting process.
Players that exhibit the following attributes will be considered for All-Stars: 
  • Have shown improvement and displayed basic understanding of baseball fundamentals.
  • Being an All-Star is more than just having the talent to compete. It is also about having good character, the right attitude, being a good sport and a good teammate.
  • The player must have played 80 % of his/her team’s regular season games.
  • Availability of the players and his/her families to meet commitments required of All-Stars
  • Must meet all All-Star requirements and provide proof of age and league boundary verification.
Selection Process will be as follows:
  • Each Team Manager will nominate players that should be considered for All-Star selection. Managers may nominate players on their own or other teams.
  • Players will be nominated by the managers/coaches of all the regular season teams. Players can be nominated by any manager or coach from any team. Players will be nominated at the meeting or by notifying the player agent prior to the meeting. During the nomination process, the person that is making the nomination can add information that they feel is pertinent to their player being selected. The manager, first and second coach from the 3 prospective age divisions will select the All-Star teams.
  • The All-Star Selection Committee will tally votes and communicate the players receiving the highest vote totals. These players will be considered tournament team selections.  A player must get a majority of votes to be cast to a team.
  • The All-Star Selection Committee will communicate the 2 players receiving the next highest vote totals. These players will be considered tournament team alternates. Alternates will be utilized in the event selected players are not able to fulfill their commitments.
Participating in an All-Star Tournament is a big honor for players, and while it is a privilege to play, it is also a commitment with added practices and games. Knowing that they are recognized as being among the best players in their league/division is a huge confidence booster, and that added confidence usually transfers into other areas of their lives.
If your child is nominated for one of the teams, they are required to attend all practices and games. We understand this is a tough time to have families commit to paying baseball for another month or two. School gets out in June and families often plan summer vacations around the kids' school schedules. At the same time, this is a great experience for the kids and it’s a learning experience, too. So, if your child makes the All-Star team, you will have a decision to make.

Players must attend practices and games ready to participate actively, and thus should consider whether other activities may inhibit that commitment. We ask that if you know that your child will not be available for the duration of the All-Star season, please withdraw your children's name from the eligible list so that another deserving child has a chance at the All-Star experience.

If you think your player has a possibility of making All-Stars and you wish to participate, DO NOT schedule any travel plans through late May till middle of July.

Player Commitment Requirements

  • Selected players must commit to 3 - 4+ weeks of intensive practice/game schedules. All-Star season goes through the end of May or through July, depending on how well the team does.
  • There is a $75 fee per All-Star player which covers tournament entrance fee, jersey and hat. In addition, families can expect to purchase new baseball pants and accessories for their All-Star player. Parents/Guardians are responsible for any additional All-Star team expenses incurred which are not covered by the fee.
  • Players and parents must be committed to and available for the entirety of the All-Star play. Consider that for every player selected, there are other players who would eagerly welcome the opportunity to play.
  • Expect to play in local All-Star tournaments on most weekends and have 2-3 practices during the week. Tournaments sometimes start on Thursday or Friday, but they are usually Saturdays and Sundays. All-Star teams will usually have a double-header (2 games in one day) on at least one day during the tournament; sometimes on both days.
  • Game locations can vary. While a lot of games are played on our Major’s field; out of city traveling/expenses may be required.
  • Absences due to conflicts (i.e. other sports/vacations), unless approved by the All-Star Manager, will lead to suspension or dismissal from the team.
While All-Stars and Little Stars (Minors B) requires commitment and hard work it is a great experience for your child filled with a lot of fun activities such as the All-Star Parade and party. The energy level and community involvement in the festivities of the tournament make this truly memorable experience.