Hit-A-thon FAQ's

Why are we raising money for the league? Doesn’t the registration cover it all?

The Hit-A-Thon  could raise a significant portion of the annual budget of the league. The Hit-A-Thon allows the league to improve each year. In addition to allowing us to provide top-notch equipment and fields, we conduct players’ and coaches’ clinics and continually improve our facilities.

How does the Hit-A-Thon work?

The Hit-A-Thon is very similar to a walk-a-thon. Each player solicits sponsors who pledge to make a tax-deductible donation FHLL. The amount of the pledge can be based on the total amount of hits each player attains. For each $10 donated the player gets a hit. Depending on the where hits land the player will get a raffle ticket for the prize area.


How do I get the word out to raise more money easily?

The pledge site has the ability to personalize your requests with pictures, videos, connections to Facebook, emails sent to your friends and family, etc.

How else can I help?

We will need volunteers for set up, and measuring and recording throughout the event.  We will need pitchers and catchers and people to round up balls in the field.  We will need adults to help with check in and announcers throughout the evening.  Please go to the signup.com (link coming soon) and take advantage of all the ways your family can be involved in this fun event!