Are you clueless about what gear you need for your kiddo for the upcoming season?

Many of our new t-ball and rookie new parents aren’t exactly sure what the heck you need. Do you have to try out? What important dates do you need to know and more!

This is for you newbies!!

No, you don’t have to try out. All these emails about tryouts can be confusing but only Caps, Minors, and Majors level players try out. Drafts are a whole other story and you can see our try-out post to read into that a little more.

So what do you need to get for your little one?

First off, do not go and spend tons of money on gear for your new player. You can find some great second hand gear on craigslist, Retro sports, facebook and more.

  1. A glove
  2. A Bat– tball bats are fairly inexpensive and you can still get a bat 26 inches or smaller that is used. USA certified bats are new for the season but if your bat is 26 inches or smaller you can use a used bat. Many of us on the league have little bats we are willing to pass along as well.
  3. A helmet– the league provides helmets for both t-ball and rookies but once anyone hears about lice going around you might want to get your own.  This is not a necessity though. I started t-ball with twins, buying double can be expensive and we don’t want to kill your budget with all the gear.
  4. Pants & Socks– you can buy a pair for practice, but wait until your coach contacts you before you buy your game pants. Not all coaches want white. It is actually really nice when they don’t pick white for your messy little kiddos who seem to find every wet spot in the grass, & muddy spot in the field. Black is nice for practice. Big 5 is a good spot on a budget, Dick’s gives us a coupon (coming out soon), Retro give FHLL 10% off when you shop there.
  5. Baseball Cleats–  Cleats can be found at all your sporting good stores. Don’t feel like you need the best ones, since your player will grow out of them very fast. You can find them at Goodwill, craigslist, and facebook groups as well.
  6. A bag– any bag is great, I will tell you the backpacks are a really nice investment because the helmets fit very good in there. That being said your little one can also carry it much easier then the longer sling bags(which of course are cheaper). This is a good investment. I got sling bags the first season and by fall ball the next season i invested in the backpack version.

Do not feel like you need the latest and greatest. I know i did but the grow out of everything so fast. My kids grew out of cleats by the end of each season.

What is Cap and Cake night?

Cap and cake night is FHLL’s fundraiser for the year, we announce our teams for the season, and you get your caps for the season. Your team mom will tell you all about it or might just ask for money and not know much either.

  1. Your team usually has dinner for the team(everyone pitches in some money)
  2. Each team donates a cake and basket with all sorts of goodies for a auction.
  3. Each team bids on a cake for their team(your team mom might ask for donations for bidding) The manager bids on the cake the team wants.
  4. FHLL announces the teams (t-ballers first because the little ones can’t last that long and we understand)
  5. It is super crazy, busy and fun for the kids. We have the event at Grossmont High School in the old gym in the evening.


Opening Day

Opening day is such a fun day. All the teams get out on the field with their new uniforms on, looking so cute. There are giveaways, FHLL gear to purchase, and much more!


Stay tuned for more information!! Questions feel free to email on the contact us button!