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The other day my son was on the mound struggling to throw a strike. I didn't know what to tell him, his delivery looked fine to me. The next inning he couldn't throw anything but strikes. Afterwards I asked him what the difference was? "Warming up I realized I was over-striding. I'm fine now." Pitching and hitting are feelings. When you have the feeling you can't miss. When it doesn't feel right we slump or lose command. This summer we have an opportunity to work with former major league players who know what it feels like to pitch and hit on the biggest stage in baseball. With the aide of video they help your player see clearly what they should look like throwing and hitting a baseball. And when we lose our swing or delivery we can go back to our annotated video and rehearse drills specific to getting that feeling back. A big part of my son's ability to correct himself and find the strike zone was because of his experience with UP17. It helps create the inner coach that we all desire our kids to have.

--Matt Mackay--

FHLL Player Agent

June 19th & 20


Click the link above to go to teamsnap and register. Spots are limited to 50 minor and 50 majors players!

Price $160 per player

Each player will receive one-on-one instruction with major league players and coaches. UP17 will film each player either hitting or pitching and annotate the video with specific instructions on how to improve. They will give you exclusive access to online videos of drills that will specifically hone your players swing or delivery. For an extra $40 UP17 will film and annotate videos of both hitting and pitching.

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